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View Diary: My hours are cut and I'm told to "thank Obama" (68 comments)

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  •  Not necessarily true. (2+ / 0-)
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    Victor Ward, Gooserock

    High turnover is sometimes built into certain businesses. I have a friend who owns a restaurant and even when he offers good wages and benefits compared to his competition, there's a big turnover.Offering something just a little bit better than his competition (you can't offer a HUGE difference from your competition without making your prices not competitive) often doesn't make a difference in your turnover rate.  Businesses can track and measure that.      

    If this were a tight job market, where losing an employee meant you couldn't find someone else, you might be right.  But in today's job market, for jobs that don't require highly technically skilled workers, it's just not true that turnover costs you a lot of money.  Turnover only costs a lot of money when the employer has to invest a significant training cost in an employee. If the job does not require a lot of training time and cost on the part of the employer, then turnover doesn't cost all that much and is simply a part of the business model.  

    •  Can we agree that ^ is a poor business model to (1+ / 0-)
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      strive for?  

      If love could have saved you, you would have lived forever. &

      by weck on Sat Jun 15, 2013 at 06:37:32 PM PDT

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      •  No, we cannot. It depends. (1+ / 0-)
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        johnny wurster

        If turnover in certain positions does not cost the business very much, then it is a better "business model" to have each employee cost less and have higher turnover than it does to have each employee cost more and have less turnover.  

        Businesses actually measure the cost of a new employee.  (I know we do.)  In some positions, turnover costs more than in other positions.  Whether planning for a certain amount of turnover is a "poor business model" or a good business model depends on a number of things, including the costs associated with turnover.  

        In other words, it depends on the business and the position the employee holds.  Any successful business can actually calculate those things.  

    •  I was told by my father that (1+ / 0-)
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      offering a slight premium made it important for employees to care about doing a good job.

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