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  •  And it's totally offset by the massive (0+ / 0-)

    increases in domestic extraction of natural gas and petroleum.

    As well as burgeoning efforts to increase our coal exports to compensate for softening domestic demand.

    •  well the new epa (0+ / 0-)

      rules will really push away from coal.

      with nancy pelosi as speaker, we would be able to pass the geniune comphrensive climate change legislation that addresses those coal exports and petroleum.

      natural gas will fade on its own as stated above.

      •  If you think natural gas is going to fade on (0+ / 0-)

        its own, here's a rather sobering counterpoint:
        What If We Never Run Out of Oil?

        which, despite the title, is more about "natural gas" (methane hydrates, actually) than "oil" per se

        •  calamity jean (0+ / 0-)

          states upthread that

          (2+ / 0-)

          "  Oil is so damned useful that it will probably be
          the last fossil fuel to stop being produced.  Coal needs to be first as it is the most climate-damaging and high polluting.  Natural gas will taper off slowly.  Petroleum will always be needed for lubricants if nothing else."

          your link raises some good points no doubt and I don't blame you for feeling skeptical. But I wonder what you have to say to calamity jean's point.

          Even though natural gas is significantly less harmful compared to coal to say the least, how is it a problem to our planet?

          I always thought that natural gas is neutral when it come to the planet (Neither helpful nor harmful)

          •  Hopefully you will rethink this!! (0+ / 0-)
            I always thought that natural gas is neutral when it come to the planet (Neither helpful nor harmful)
            because it frankly makes no sense at all.  Because, if burned, it emits a goodly amount of carbon dioxide (a huge amount, really).  And if it isn't, it is 20-fold more potent than carbon dioxide on a molecule by molecule basis.

            seriously, if methane hydrates start being used, that will make coal look like child's play.  there are people out there who remain skeptical about that, but people were skeptical about tarsands development for decades as well, and look at that today!

            •  you are clearly right no doubt (1+ / 0-)
              Recommended by:
              Roadbed Guy

              I am openminded don't worry :). I don't know everything about fuel sources and energy. I did not know that natural gas is made out of those hydrates.

              Yes in that case then, it is clearly potent without a doubt. I realize that now.

              1. But how does that "potentness" (when non-burned) specifically cause bad effects?

              How can natural gas specifically erode the ozone or cause other planet problems?

              Lastly, are there ANY good things we can use natural gas for when not burning it?

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