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    I'm here to trash Armando's post on #syria, where is it?

    Both Clintons, your President, Biden, top Repubs and Bibi are all agreed on giving the FSA a few MANPADS, anti-tank rockets, and enough AK ammo to finish the job.

    As a matter of fact - these deliveries began the same day as the announcement.

    Qusayr was either nothing, or the rebels' Alamo. (I remind you that the people who lost the Alamo won the war they were in.) Hezbollah in Syria has caused a reaction similar to the New York City Militia invading Texas.

    If you watch Syrian Army helicopters circling around trying to drop supplies to their guys in surrounded air see whose supply routes are in trouble.

    In the Wikipedia article on al-Qaeda a top US spook admits that it's really just a franchising operation at this point. The terrorism in Syria is state terrorism.

    Thank you, I'll be here all week, try the veal.

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