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  •  Dowd was against war before she was for it (0+ / 0-)

    From a pre-Iraq war column: "It still confuses many Americans that, in a world full of vicious slimeballs, we’re about to bomb one that didn’t attack us on 9/11 (like Osama); that isn’t intercepting our planes (like North Korea); that isn’t financing al Qaeda (like Saudi Arabia); that isn’t home to Osama and his lieutenants (like Pakistan); that isn’t a host body for terrorists (like Iran, Lebanon and Syria)."

    Quite admirable, then why the hating on Obama for being thoughtful about getting us in another mess?

    She regularly uses a birther sobriquet, Barry. She ass kisses the Clintons, who Obama whipped in large part because they were pro-war.

    I kind of liked Clinton, but he ejaculated away much of his legacy. Where was health care? Where was LGBTQ equality in the military--and elsewhere? Who hired toe-sucker Morris to bring us school uniforms? Who signed DOMA?

    Clinton was not exactly a profile in courage.

    Who made this racist remark (well, he is bubba from Arkansas) during the 2008 South Carolina primary: “They are getting votes, to be sure, because of their race or gender, and that’s why people tell me that Hillary doesn’t have a chance to win here.”

    Dowd ends her column by saying that history will remember the Obama presidency as an interregnum between two Clinton administrations.

    But who brought us the ACA, leaving Iraq and Afghanistan, Lily Ledbetter, and the onset of civil rights of LGBTQ?

    I'm asking, and I'm telling. How did Obama dis your prickly, fragile ego Ms. Dowd?

    There's much not to like and be disappointed about Obama. That's the reallty of actually governing. But he is arguably the greatest president since FDR, who had a compliment Congress with huge Democratic majorities to pass the New Deal. Even he couldn't pass national health insurance. Obama managed to carry a recalcitrant, obstructionist Congress across the finish line to complete one of the unfinished tasks of the New Deal.

    Maureen, why don't you go back to writing one of your amusing columns about how you hate men? Oh wait, that's what you did today.  

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