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    I don't know at what point this comes in. Obviously, from the description in the book this is not something they're doing in the first weeks of class. For example, in the book, Bronson describes how the teacher plays a song that indicates they should clean up and the kids do that without prompting. They had to have learned that over some period of time. Also, as I mention above:

    Since they are in pre-school or kindergarten, many of them are starting to write for the first time, and their efforts are “little more than lines representing each word in the sentence.”
    So, they are not writing out full battle plans at this point. I'm sure the idea is to teach them to plan activity and to give them motivation to follow through.

    I never went to kindergarten so I don't have any real data point to compare with. Where I lived at the time they didn't have kindergarten, you simply started with first grade. That's probably why I punched that one kid in the nose when I was in first grade. If I had had better socialization, look where I might be today!

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