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  •  So, so, so agree (8+ / 0-)
    I live in a country (China) with a lot more direct censorship and some forms of surveillance than the USA. In fact, we live with it and push back in a game of cat and mouse daily.
    I work at a small college where we're under constant surveillance by idiots, law and order wannabes, poorly trained lawyers, perverts (yes, one or two are perverts, and those pervs are related to a sysadmin ... for real), etc.

    I know it, we know it, and we screw with them endlessly. Endlessly, leaving them notes in stacks of our most intriguing papers, passing false rumors and information, etc.

    It's a horrible situation, but I love my work, so I had to find a way to adapt. And I did, as did others.

    Oddly, it's ended up being a useful experience for me in all of this. I'm not entirely hair on fire about it, and I find myself really deeply interested in what's really going on and why.

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