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View Diary: Everything you don't want to know about the NSA & didn't ask (208 comments)

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  •  NSA contractors - hundreds of thousands (6+ / 0-)

    Read James Bamford's article in March 2013 Wired on Utah Data Center.

    Other online sources have said this week much higher numbers of analysts as contractors.  I'm recollecting something like 450,000 - 500,000.  And end-of-week NSA acknowledgement that any and all such analysts can access any record at will.  (Contractor companies are not held to the same standard of Constitutional compliance a Federal agencies and to not have to protect your First and Fourth Amendment rights.)

    The Guardian's 'NSA files' series is an excellent source of much of the available info on the situation.  Just go to

    Wired, Foreign Policy, Business Insider, PCNet, CNet (and many other 'mainstream-but-niche' sites are also covering this, and offer many good insights.

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