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View Diary: What polling tells us (and what it doesn't) about public reaction to NSA revelations (336 comments)

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    We don't have the full picture yet. I read that there aren't supercomputers powerful enough to collect all this data. But surely it isn't a container, it's a strainer. Obviously, we aren't going to be briefed, we can only imagine.
    But, I'd like to imagine that we have a healthy and robust legal system and that our government takes the oath to protect and defend the constitution seriously.

    If I were head of the NSA, I'd be a man from wealth,highly educated with a military background and an IQ over 160. I'd be obsessed with protecting my country. I'd think about how Facebook and Google are a mile up everyone's behind collecting everything on everybody (BBB is right on this) and I'd want in on that. I'd probably be beyond the bounds of brilliance justifying it to myself and others while speaking in an angry and captivating frat-boy-ese.
    My argument would be mesmerizing.

    But, I'm just an ordinary American citizen who would be very grateful if I didn't have to worry that I was being listened to when I'm talking to my fucking doctor on the damn phone!

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