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  •  I want to thank (3+ / 0-)
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    everyone who commented.  And those who just visited without commenting.

    This is NOT a snark diary.  The links referenced in the body of the diary (from a parody site) contained information that is presently not available online.  

    However, I did do a lot of background work previously and did not present any charts graphs or summaries that are not true.  For anyone who cares about accuracy, you may research the details yourself.  

    If you send me KOSmail I will forward official documents describing NIPP and FUSION.  They are PDFs of 1mb and 4mb respectively.  They are not online and no way to offsite link them to a KOS diary.  These are real fucking scary programs that reach far and wide - domestically.

    The information about datapoints collected is accurate and verifiable. The UDC (Utah Data Center) is currently online (still under construction, but the contractors had to agree to a phased occupancy so the NSA could get an early start).  UDC is using something like 80 MEGAWATTS of power, and eight or ten cold water systems the size of houses to cool the servers.  100,000 square feet for the computers (called DATA HALLS), 900,000 feet for the staff.  Present cost estimate is $1.7 billion but there is room to expand about tenfold.  They will have spent more on this facility the last three years than the DOE has on all of the nuclear cleanup at Hanford.

    There is a huge training program under way to train federal and state people on how to use the flood of information that is just now beginning to flow out of the UDC.  From April of 2013 thru July they have about 70 courses nationwide covering a wide variety of NSA topics.

    You may find a great deal of information at the Homeland Security Digital Library, at least the part they want you to see.

    The following link and pointers from this page provide some information about the extent of the NIPP planning and duties of various pay grades within the NSA.

    Again, thanks to all who visited.  I believe those whose eyes are being opened are beginning to outnumber those who choose not to see.  I hope with more information, the public will react and stop this madness.

    •  Is this the info going TO the Fusion Centers? (0+ / 0-)

      because that is where a lot of abuse will happen, the naming of local people and politicians and activists.

      And this is also where the corruption, the blackmail and extortion will come from..And depending on who is in charge of these Fusion Centers, it is going to be seen as another Federalizing AND privatizing of the country's LOE's.

      This machine kills Fascists.

      by KenBee on Sun Jun 16, 2013 at 11:36:03 PM PDT

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