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View Diary: Chase has taken their next move, into your paycheck (265 comments)

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  •  It's also very easy to cash the check at the (3+ / 0-)

    issuing bank.

    This is what I do.  I have a bank account, and I put money in there for various electronic transactions, and I use a lot of cash.

    It's cheaper, and I've got control.  Once I've cashed the paycheck, I'm done, the transaction is latched and I deposit with cash at my bank.

    Direct deposit is a two way device.  Money can go in, but it can also go out.  Employer makes a mistake, or thinks they have?

    They just correct it at the bank, and you get the fees if that correction causes a problem.

    Happened to me one time in the 90's.  Never again.  That "correction" which was actually a mistake on their part that impacted money I had actually earned cost me $500 and a lot of headaches.

    US Bank was the bank I had at the time, and they were quite happy to process transactions in the most damaging way possible.

    Truth is, I got another account, and told US Bank off.  Never paid 'em, never will, though I did pay the funds denied because that isn't really their problem.

    Yes, I got reported, yes I was careful, now it's over.  PITA though.

    I didn't care about the reporting largely because a health care incident wiped me out shortly after that anyway.  Credit is a brutal thing.  Honestly, I'm kind of glad I just worked out ways to not deal with it and over time maybe things will change.

    ***Be Excellent To One Another***

    by potatohead on Sun Jun 16, 2013 at 10:54:48 AM PDT

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