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View Diary: Chase has taken their next move, into your paycheck (265 comments)

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  •  If someone has overdrawn on their account and the (6+ / 0-)

    fees have compounded the original overdraft, then that person cannot get a regular checking account until they satisfy the original debt. They are stuck with a card they set up ( from say a Walmart) that they pay 5.95 a month for the privilege of using their own hard earned minimum wages. This is the info I was given from a young lady with a drug addicted jailed husband with two small children. She will never get ahead. Low end employees ought to be able to get paid by check on a local bank so they can have cash. This bullshit is the modern day equivalent of tying someone to the railroad tracks cause they are late on their mortgages. I hate debit/credit cards and rarely use, I hate giving 2-3% of practically everything sold in this country to the banks. How the hell do you fight that?

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