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  •  I remember those days when waz a kid back ~1960. (1+ / 0-)
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    Went to da local bank where my Dad had da Mortgage, savings and of course the "christmas account."
    Distant memories of the christmas account being a rip-off.

    Savings account maybe 2%.
    I'm not sure how the checking account worked. Remember,
    my folks walking up to the. drugstore to pay the utility bills
    (where I got a cream soda at da fountain for a nickel).
    Almost nobody had a credit card.

    And I remember in the 1970's going to the local bank to get a mortgage for our first house. Sitting down with one of the vice presidents (banks had a lot of those back then with Prez. in glass room in back). VP had to bring the mortgage to the Board of Directors for approval; 12 local folks.
    One of em going to know somebody who knows who u iz.

    Was making $12K/year and the mortgage was about $50K. VP said the board gave me a bye and approved the deal.
    Banks kept their loans back then. Don't even know if we had a credit card.

    Couple of years later no more local banks. No more local board of directors. Fees up the gazoo.

    WTF happened.
    What was we thinkin.

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