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View Diary: Grayson: "There’s no probable cause here." Talking to Mom is NOT a Terrorist Act (134 comments)

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  •  WTF does this even mean? (7+ / 0-)
    That data doesn't belong to you, and so long as they don't use that data to verify your identity without a warrant,

    If it's Verizon's data, it's their data, but it identifies me by my phone number.

    To say nothing of "How would I know the NSA hasn't used that to verify my identity?", period? With or without a warrant?

    Jesus Christ, haven't you people ever heard of "reverse lookup"??

    "The “Left” is NOT divided on the need to oppose austerity and the Great Betrayal. The Third Way is not left or center or even right. It is Wall Street on the Potomac."--Bill Black

    by lunachickie on Sun Jun 16, 2013 at 12:57:39 PM PDT

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    •  Your phone number by itself does not (1+ / 0-)
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      identify you. If I gave you a list of phone numbers, you'd be hard pressed to tell me who they belonged to without corroborating data. In order to identify who a given number belongs to, and to access the contents of a phone call, the government needs a warrant, right?

      •  That's not how they use it. This is how. (1+ / 0-)
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        They have the phone number of "known terrorist" Martin Luther King.  So they check everyone he called.  Then they request a secret FISA warrant to get the name of all of those people because they are known associates of a known terrorist.  Rinse and repeat.

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