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View Diary: Grayson: "There’s no probable cause here." Talking to Mom is NOT a Terrorist Act (134 comments)

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    to happen, jamess.  I've noticed that here, this weekend.  There's been lots of information for people to get their heads around, the MSM-fed 'traitor/hero' screeching to be gone through (and fought out) and people appear to be setting into the subdivision of 'Don't care/STUF', 'Underinformed Scoffing/ minimizing' and 'Okd, new reality: What do I have to learn?' stages.

    Several diaries Fri night - today are now beginning to consolidate known, factual information and provide lots of links to important sources.  Others are bringing their particular expertise in computers to the issue, so that non-geeks can better understand the technological capacities of the NSA program.

    You are bringing the community an action-step that also has the benefit of supporting one of our best progressive Dems.  The Guardian had PPP do a poll early last week, and were surprised to see that Obama/Dems have taken a HUGE hit from the 18-29 demographic.  These are the kids (sorry, I'm old, they look like kids to me) whose lives are most entwined with the internet, and who will have to live longest in a Bill-of-Rights-Free Zone if the NSA programs aren't quashed immediately.    It's hugely important for the Dems to get out in front of this issue and be seen to be moving quickly and effectively in the right direction.  Dems need those 18-29 folks, and they understand what 'invasion of privacy' on the internet means.

    •  Dems like Grayson are doing the right thing... (2+ / 0-)
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      jamess, CroneWit

      ...along with Wyden, the Udalls, Merkley, Sanders, and probably a bunch of House members I haven't noticed.

      Dems like Obama and Feinstein and Ruppersberger are going exactly the wrong thing and "the kids" will not tolerate it.  But Obama wasn't running for re-election anyway, so this mainly affects Congress.

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