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View Diary: Port Townsend Farmers Market (44 comments)

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  •  Beautiful pictures, beautiful dogs (4+ / 0-)

    I am jealous. Apparently you are allowed to walk with your dog through the aisles of display tents on your farmers market in Port Towsend. And your selection of vegetables seem to be more than I see on ours.

    I have to leave my dog Sasha behind leashed at a tree nearby, because we are a bit stricter here with the dogs on our Greenbelt Farmer's market. Photo number 3 in your dog photo series is like my Sasha (just a mix of white, brown and black in her coat) and the photo number 7 is like Lucinha, the dog of my niece, now living with my nieces partner giving him a lot of support. Memories ...

    Very nice photo diary, Ojibwa !

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