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View Diary: Where is Howard Cosell when you need him? (17 comments)

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    bobsc, Bush Bites

    Having seen it in context, I never got the racism in Cossell's infamous comment.  Out of context, it probably would have reeked of it, I concede.

    The context: a Monday night football game, and there was a runback, I believe by the Washington Redskins, in a game I was half-heartedly paying attention to.  A small sinewy player who evaded an onrush of kick return defensive players with this loping, high-kicking style with amazing lateral turn ability.  Hard to describe, but kind of, nope, very simian in style.  When Cossell said "look at that little monkey go!" after he'd evaded the last downfield tackler (the kicker?), I chuckled, because it totally described how he had faked out the opposing team who were trying to tackle him at straight trajectories.  Watching it on a high distant visual angle (whole field) I had no idea what the kick returner's racial mix was (granted, Cossell probably did, but still).  I knew that if he could master that set of moves, he'd be hell to bring down in the open field under any circumstance (which I think was where Cossell was coming from).

    I had no idea there was "controversy" until it came up two days later.  And while I suppose there were counter-arguments calling on Cossel's historical championing of African-American football players (and certainly boxers), the thing seemed misplaced for one more funadmental reason: it described how the player got an edge with his utterly unique running style.

    Maybe a Redskins fan (if that was it) or someone can tell me why I missed a more offensive undercurrent, but at the time, I didn't see it, even found it kind of perceptive.

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