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View Diary: Can We Slip Some Other Justice News Between Celebrity Trials? (108 comments)

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  •  Investigate the Texas criminal Justice system (4.00)
    "My purpose is to shine light on the justice system. I don't concern myself with ratings. I know you can be up one day, down the next."

    if she wants to shine some light on the justice system, why doesn't she report on capital justice in TEXAS

    Three death peanalties overturned in one year ???

    all based upon racial bias

    where's your fucking flash light now bitch ???

    •  only three overturned... (4.00)
      It came out about a year ago that Harris County (AKA Houston), which has sent the largest numbers to death row, had a storeroom full of evidence going back ten years that had never been tested.  
      •  3 by SCOTUS (none)
        and that ain't good

        some get rejected at the State level, but three that made it all the way to the Supreme Court before they were kicked back ???

        that is a sign of something gone terribly wrong

        State and Federally

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