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View Diary: Can We Slip Some Other Justice News Between Celebrity Trials? (108 comments)

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  •  Thanks for your post MB (none)
    I have some questions about our prison system too.
    1. When my husband was 15 he signed up for the Merchant Marines (WWII).  On those ships were convicts who had been pulled out of prison to serve on those ships.  On one the cook was a murderer!  Bob made the mistake of teasing him and had to flee from the guy and his cleavers!  Is is possible that we might allow some offenders to take up the military instead?  I know we already have some hard cases re- Abu Gharib, so would we only be compounding problems or solving some?

    2. We had a salesman call about prison created products and I couldn't help but think of them as being created by slave labor.  What do you think?

    3. The prison system in California seems to be hijacked by people who have a vested interest in warehousing people.  What can we do about that?

    4. We don't even fund education properly so how can we pull funding for good programs for prison out the tight fisted general population?

    I want to thank you for exploring your experiences  and letting us know how the real world feels for juvenile prisoners.  I don't think we will ever have justice in this world.  I can only hope that you have been able to use those experiences in ways that are hopeful and useful to you.  I know you are a better human being and more thoughtful than most.
    •  Actually (none)
      it is very hard now to get into the military with a criminal record, and there is NO way you get in with a violent criminal record. Since it became all-volunteer, they are very leery of people with criminal records.  However, due to the drastic reduction in recruiting, DOD is now thinking of taking people with "minor criminal histories".

      We do not rent rooms to Republicans.

      by Mary Julia on Tue Jun 14, 2005 at 01:45:59 PM PDT

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