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View Diary: Can We Slip Some Other Justice News Between Celebrity Trials? (108 comments)

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  •  Interesting issues brought up here (none)
    let me add here the fact that cars can play a role in manslaughter charges, and so there is no question that anyone behind the wheel has to understand what the potential for harm is there. In Mass. where I got my license, you could get a learner's permit at age 16 and pass the license test as early as 4 to 6 months (I forget exactly) after doing so.  The learner's allows you to drive anytime provided you were accompanied by a licensed driver (who did not have to be an "adult").  The reason I bother mentioning driving is that it proves their is a transition period into adulthood, where you gradually acquire new rights and responsibilities over a course of years.  The other issue of course is that people mature at different rates. Both of those facts prove that there is indeed a very wide and very grey line that people cross over and into adulthood at different times and in different ways.  So indeed, the playing field is never quite "level" when assessing individual maturity at a given point in time. However, we are still stuck with having to pinpoint that exact moment in our lives when we have crossed the threshold into adulthood- and when would that be?  Well, I would have to say 18 for everything- including the right to have sex, to vote, to drink, and to kill for your country- or be killed.
    So I agree with you, one should "get it all" whenever that time comes.

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