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View Diary: Federal Appeals Court Rules For Minister In Oklahoma License Plate Case (71 comments)

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    Meteor Blades

    Given the divisions in the state, the large Native population, the extent to which the state is Native, the ignorance of the non-Native population here---in particular, the white Christian population who've essentially migrated here only in recent years---and the hostility toward the tribes here ...

    ::draws deep breath::

    And given the actions of state government to undermine tribal sovereignty, including recent moves to pipe the waters "owned" by Choctaw and Chickasaw Nations into OKC, such "arrangements" having been made behind closed doors and without knowledge or consent of the tribes ...

    I wouldn't trust these bozos anywhere near this issue. Not. For. One. Minute.

    Let the tribes here keep gaining strength, and let everyone else continue in their delusion of The Vanishing Native. And let those who choose have their own non-Native plate. They'll figure it out soon enough. They'll have to.

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