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  •  I have always been concerned that people (10+ / 0-)

    would try to get on the jury with an agenda, like that Counelis guy.  

    I am sure there are "stealth jurors" on the other side as well, and I agree with O'Mara, they are "unbelievably dangerous" -- they are dangerous to the integrity of our legal system.

    I have far more respect for jurors like E-81, who are more open about what they believe.  As long as they are open and honest about what they think coming into voir dire, I can forgive the "of course I'll be impartial if on the jury" statements.  Frankly, every juror is asked that, and they all know that they are EXPECTED to say they will be impartial.  

    I suspect that Counelis will not be the last "stealth juror."  And that's a horrible thing for the integrity of this trial.  

    •  I have respect for E-81... (0+ / 0-)

      ... But she wasn't chosen. I suppose people like her may have more of an agenda than many people think. Aside from her honesty, she didn't really want to serve on the jury. And she won't.

      Tell the prosecution or defense that the defendant is guilty or innocent and you're positive about it, while at the same time, say that you could be open-minded as a juror. Yup, that's a sure-fire way to get booted. No doubt, it's bias, but it's probably the truth.

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