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  •  I don't think so... (5+ / 0-)

    I kinda know what you're talking about... the way he referred to "the crime for which he was convicted" (or something to that effect)... lawyerly speak... but he did admit to the shooting... he only really disputed the facts surrounding what lead up to it... and his story about Benji being in the midst of a fight with his girlfriend/secret baby mama and accidentally shoving him, then talking shit seemed more believable to me than that they were trying to pull an armed robbery.

    Being the Chicago celebrity that Benji was, it's not hard to imagine that there was a lot of pressure on the cops/DA to solve the case fast and get the strongest conviction possible.

    And both of the guys convicted were young and not well educated, so signing a (partially) false confession after many hours of interrogation seems quite plausible to me.

    •  I Could See Elements Of Both Stories..... (4+ / 0-)
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      Being true. Maybe both of the guys weren't planning an armed robbery, but after Benji bumped into the shooter & didn't apologize they decided to do it?

      No doubt once they became suspect the cops & the DA did everything within their power to ensure conviction, and both suspects being poor & uneducated didn't help their chances much.

      But from what I've read, both Benji's girlfriend & other witnesses at the scene corroborate the theory that it was an armed robbery at trial.

      Plus, I thought the shooter's entire demeanor during the interview was of someone who was admitting to doing something wrong, but at the same time trying to mitigate his situation. So with his version of events, he wasn't robbing Benji. In his mind, he was responding to the "disrespect" Benji had given him.

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