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View Diary: Senators who Voted No on Background Checks will NOW have to Face the Music (172 comments)

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  •  So much carnage and nothing but obstruction (19+ / 0-)

    from Republicans in getting us closer to full background checks on every sale.  All the bellyaching about trying to take guns/rights always is nothing but trying to use sleight of hand in order to stop any talk of the real issue: firearm regulations are not uniform, cannot be enforced because of NRA/Congressional obstruction, and are designed to allow the maximum number of firearms to get into the market.  All of it is only for profit - nothing more and nothing less.

    The NRA will always demand that their, bought and paid for, congress-critters obstruct any meaningful background check bill that could be effective in cutting off their secondary (illegal) market.  This market is crucial as the NRA needs for a very large percentage of its primary (legal) market product to get into the secondary market as a way of maintaining demand. They use individual straw purchasers, private dealers and gun shows as a very effective way of transferring those firearms into the illegal market.

    Sure it is illegal for felons to buy firearms, but that never stops them, what is amazing is that we cannot pass any law to make it obligatory for anyone to make sure they are not selling to felons. The fact that it is perfectly legal for a person to sell to a felon at a gun show, from an individual or from a private dealer - and that none of these is in any way breaking the law by selling to them as they do not know if they are selling to a felon - is very screwed up, but it is the gun lobby's primary tool in continuing to transfer firearms to the illegal market.

    Thank you jamess!

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