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View Diary: Racist apple offspring not falling far from the GOP parental tree (14 comments)

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  •  Ben seemed to hang out at a racist website (4+ / 0-)

    Ben Quayle's been the subject of a bizarre mini-scandal for the past couple of days, after gossip/sex site revealed that he'd been a "contributor" in the site's early days as, about trashy Scottsdale nightlife. Site founder Nik Richie claimed that Quayle had written under the pseudonym "Brock Landers," which he used to "document his quest to find the 'hottest chick in Scottsdale.'"

    But he claims it was all about the chicks.

    Richie's Web site has done everything from accuse random people for having AIDS (with the accused's photo), call perfectly lovely girls ugly (complete with first and last names), and accuse random people, again with first and last name, for drug use.

    Ben if you hang at racist blogs people will think your a racist

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