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View Diary: Freedom of Religion in schools 6/17/1963 (12 comments)

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  •  When a child leaves the room, or chooses some (6+ / 0-)

    other means of publicly identifying themselves as a minority, they make themselves a target for bullying by other children, and sadly, by some teachers and administrators.  

    Also, another ruling that indicates, school children are a Captive Audience. That a teacher has an unfair ability to force their religious or political views on children, because the children have to be there, have to defer to that authority.

    Many teachers are not educated in religious history or sociology, and cannot teach religion without serious bias, and often use inferior materials.

    So beyond the most basic material, I prefer that religious studies stay in college or at least be taught by someone whose specialty is religious studies and religious history.

    You know you have a winner when the teacher is promoting all the usual stereotypes--the dominant religious paradigm is legitimate while anything else is a cult, with all the negative connotations that can imply.

    I don't agree that teaching the Bible as history is a good idea for public schools, even high school classes. The material within is very sexually charged, filled with incredible racial and religious violence. It gets even worse, when you look at sources outside of the bible to give it context.

    And it will give true believers a kitting squirting fit, if taught correctly and without bias or affection.

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