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View Diary: I'm a zombie: Banning users with reckless abandon and driving people away hurts progressive movement (349 comments)

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  •  Do what I do (5+ / 0-)

    Note: i'm not banned and this is not a sockpuppet.

    When a place isn't worth contributing to, stop.  They shouldn't have to tell you to take your shit elsewhere, and you shouldn't have to stubbornly continue posting somewhere that sucks for you to post at.

    If a site becomes toxic, abandon it.  Yes, it's big, it's powerful and has a huge following.  But staying after it's become toxic just means you're perpetuating the problem.  The only way the problem will be fixed is if people abandon toxic sites, not if they create zombies, circumvent bans and keep posting because that one site is the "best" even though it's gone toxic.  How does that make any sense?

    (You could draw a parallel to current politics right there.)

    I still visit dkos and read.  But my exposure to a few other sites had made me realize that yes, dkos has flaws.  So I barely post anymore except for a few snarky remarks.  I don't care about TU status, because I don't care about donutting or reccing people.  I read, I get bored, I wander off someplace else on the internet.  I don't need to be banned and I have no intention of trolling anyone.

    The internet's a big place and time is too short to waste stubbornly posting on a place that has drifted outside your personal goalposts.

    I applaud you for having the courage to keep trying and desire to keep contributing, while simultaneously thinking that here's such a good thing going to waste somewhere that clearly isn't worth all that effort.

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