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View Diary: Religious right to Republican Party: Don't ever stop the War on Women (76 comments)

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  •  As a Practical Matter, I Agree With Bauer (3+ / 0-)
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    How many people do we have in this country who make over $450,000 a year as a couple?  Not many.  Those people have a reason to be Republican voters.  They are rich and they want to keep more of their money every year.  My sister falls into this category, and I do not begrudge her the right to vote in that way.  I disagree with her, but I see why she does it.

    But the real voter numbers for the GOP are mined by nostalgia for a time when we were all straight and white and no one ever had sex - so, whatever Andrew Shepard said in The American President (paraphrasing), "You talk to them about a time long ago when everything was better, and tell them someone else is to blame for their lot in life...."

    Those are all of the poor voters who vote against their own best interest and decide to vote Republican.  Do you think rural Wisconsin is just a hotbed of wealthy investor-class folk who really want their income taxes cut?  No.  They want Scott Walker to do exactly what he is doing now.

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