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  •  Scotland has some autonomy (2+ / 0-)
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    Wee Mama, Gordon20024

    in matters of Church and State because it was a separate country before the creation of Great (as in Greater) Britain. The same is true, to a lesser extent, for Wales and Northern Ireland. I suspect because these are Church-run schools, it's a Scottish, as opposed to a British, institution that's being petitioned here.

    FWIW, there's still a Bank of Scotland that prints currency usable in-country, but not in the rest of Great Britain.

    Radarlady, not-so-secretly hoping the Scottish Nationalists prevail in the referendum come the autumn.

    •  work needed on your Welsh history? (1+ / 0-)
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      Scotland was an independent nation which was joined to England by having the same king in 1603 - and then chose union in the early C18th (rationale under much debate then and now).  Wales had been conquered by England well before those events!  It seems brutal put that way but has the virtue of historical accuracy, and explains how institutions evolved as they did.

      However, there has been much devolution of authority on this and that in recent years.  This may have confused you?

      And its not just the Bank of Scotland which issues banknotes - which you will find fairly easy to use in England (big stores take them, and any bank)

      Why do you want the independence movement to win - and it's not autumn 2013 that they vote.  Let's leave that to Scotland residents!

      •  I'm an American-born Scot and (2+ / 0-)
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        radarlady, Gordon20024

        I hope for independence for Scotland in 2014. My Scotland-born Grandmother felt the same. Support from other countries is more than welcomed from those who live in Scotland and desire independence from the United Kingdom. As the UK is one of the countries we have an alliance with everyone here should be aware of what is happening.

        I will agree though that knowing factual information is better than passing off inaccurate statements however.

      •  I was attempting to keep my comment short (0+ / 0-)

        Oh, well :-)  That's why I didn't get into devolution, which has given some independence to Wales as well, if I remember correctly.

        I'm an American of Scots descent. I had ancestors who left  the country during the Highland Clearances, which is why I keep rooting for Scottish independence. And, I knew the date for the referendum was a few months hence, but I misremembered it as the autumn of this year. Thanks for the correction.

        You've covered some of the differences between Scottish and Welsh history, which I learned more about by watching the "History of Wales" series from a few years ago on DVD over the past few weeks.

        My Bank of Scotland comment came from the one chance I had to visit, back in 1988 when I attended a remote sensing conference at the U. of Edinburgh. Perhaps the clerk who handed me the money was pulling an American tourist's leg when she did so, I couldn't say. I had a wonderful time, and it didn't rain nearly as much I had been warned it would (this was in September). My Mom had told my sister and me the story of Greyfriars Bobby when we were growing up, so I made a point to find Greyfriars Kirk and wander around. Interesting to learn the mathematician Maclaurin was buried there as well.


        •  does independence make sense NOW (1+ / 0-)
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          stuff old history -and who may or may not be responsible for the appalling Clearances.  I say that as a lover of history!

          Righting old wrongs (if indeed possible) may appeal to  the heart but let's be serious.  In the C21st, what is the best way forward?

          I hope that Scots in residence vote with their heads, at least in part. You will know that opinion is divided, and that the independence support is weakening - for whatever reason.  

          I don't know where I would stand on this...

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