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  •  Do schools even recite the pedge anymore? (1+ / 0-)
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    I know some areas that don't. Also, there is no law that says that "under god" has to be said nor is it necessary to recite the pledge itself.

    Also, as a parent myself I am completely aware of the proselytizing that happens. I have three kids, all of them raised to discover for themselves and of them 2 are atheist and one is agnostic. Educating my children about their choices and leaving the rest to them to decide has allowed them to come to a logical place in their beliefs.

    Here's my series on child indoctrination I wrote for another blog several months ago:

    •  I worked in public school districts in IL (0+ / 0-)

      for several years about ten years ago. At that time they were still saying it in the elementary schools. Each day a class was chosen to come down to the office and lead the whole school.

      Thanks for the links... I'll check them out.  

      Locally we have a problem with a large evangelical church who has decided that the public schools are a "mission field".  They are handing out bracelets for Christian teacher to wear that have some cryptic set of initials in it (standing for a religious statement). The idea is that if the kids ask about it, then the teacher is free to talk about their faith without being the one to initialize the conversation. It's a blatant baiting of children for the purposes of proselytizing.

      A very excellent (but upsetting) book on the issue of using public schools to proselytize is The Good News Club by Katherine Stewart.

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