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View Diary: We Progressives Are Making a Mistake by Supporting the Traitor Snowden (260 comments)

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  •  A voice of reason for "we Progressives!" (10+ / 0-)

    Freedom is bad!

    The US Constitution was put there to help The Terrorists!

    Real Americans know the world hates our Freedom (just like we do!)   The difference is they want to kill us because of our Freedom, while Sensible Democrats just want to kill our Freedom!  

    Thereby brilliantly denying the Terrorists the ability to kill it for us, and thus make us safer!  (It's Common Sense.)

    And as a result Democrats can finally win elections because they've convinced Americans they can hate the Constitution and Civil Liberties just as badly as the worst Republicans!

    Secrecy is Good!

    Terrorists Bad!

    Most Progressives Bad!

    Thank you President Obama, and Sensible Progressives!

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