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View Diary: Snowden: "Being called a traitor by Dick Cheney is the highest honor for an American" (316 comments)

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  •  So both men (0+ / 0-)

    should turn themselves in ending up in the US and face the music like Bradley Manning?  

    That's not ringing a bell for me.

    Instead of treating of these three like unpatriotic criminals of the United States, they should all be given high level awards for furthering the cause of democracy worldwide

    •  Most people's complaint about Assange (0+ / 0-)

      "not turning himself in" has to do with him refusing to hand himself over to Swedento stand trial for rape, rather than handing himself to the US for some hypothetical trial there.

      Assange and Snowden's cases couldn't be more different anyway.  Snowden's case is a lot more like Manning.  They were sources, given access to confidential data and then leaking it.  Assange was a journalist - perhaps a "rogue journalist" or whatnot, but a journalist nonetheless - receiving information and then publishing it.

      •  Both Assange and Snowden are right (0+ / 0-)

        in fearing extradition to the United States, where they will be tortured and disappear

        Yep, that's  the ticket

        •  The concept is nonsense. (0+ / 0-)

          Assange was in Sweden applying for a residence permit because Sweden has one of the most restrictive extradition treaties with the US in the developed world, the world's best judicial system in terms of protection of fundamental rights of the accused (as ranked by the peer-reviewed World Justice Project), and the world's best whistleblower protection laws (it's illegal to even look for the source of a leak, let alone prosecute someone for it).  It was Wikileaks itself who exposed the fact that Sweden derailed the US's extradition program through their airspace by disguising their special forces as airport workers and seizing a CIA jet, creating a major diplomatic incident.  Assange called Sweden his "shield" multiple times in 2010.  It was only when he faced prosecution for rape that he started pretending it's a giant US puppet.

          The fact is that it's outright illegal in Sweden to extradite for intelligence crimes.  It's never happened.  The US couldn't even touch Edward Lee Howard, who unraveled the US's entire spy op in the late USSR.  Think the US didn't really want him?  And the Swedish foreign minister than Assange rails against today, Carl Bildt, was prime minister at the time.

          And hey, where did Assange flee to next?  Why the UK!  So first Sweden was his number one place in the world to avoid a US extradition, and then it became the UK.  Indeed, it took the US 8 years and promises of not even supermax prison in order to get Abu Hamza, and everyone hated him!  8 years to get a guy who everyone agreed was trying to set up terrorist training camps in the US.  As for the greatest hacker of US military systems of all time, Gary McKinnon?  Couldn't touch him at all!  Think the US didn't really want him?  Couldn't get him because he has "aspergers" - as if Julian has-to-wear-specific-jackets-to-write-specific-kinds-of-letters Assange doesn't?

          So the US was now the new great anti-extraditing haven, Assange's new choice.  (Until, of course, he lost his appeal about avoiding getting sent back to stand trial for rape.)  So we have his #1 and #2 choices in the world, and guess what?  Both would have to approve an extradition.  Both their governments and courts.  And the European Court of Human Rights would have to as well, a body that's generally accused of way overstepping its bounds in blocking extraditions and becoming a refuge for criminals.  All five entities are banned from extradition where torture or the death penalty or political prosecutions are possible, and two - the Swedish side - from intelligence crimes altogether.

          But that really says a lot to me that all a guy you like has to do is spin a ridiculous conspiracy theory for you and you'll gladly endorse denying rape plaintiffs their day in court.  Because famous people never rape, oh no, and certainly not Julian "Women's Brains Can't Do Math" Assange, who's even been accused of sexual aggression by whistleblowers.

          •  I didn't say I "liked" those guys in any way (0+ / 0-)

            I am simply saying they he are correct in fearing extradition to the United States
            They will be tortured and disappeared and to anyone serious its pretty crystal clear

          •  Feel free (0+ / 0-)

            To fill the comment section with your zillions of Juliane Assange posts you have which I've already read in other diaries
            I actually have a life to live and won't be participating
            Thanks for your time
            Have a good evening / day

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