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View Diary: Solving Rape? - A Very Short Statement For Those Who Just Don't Get It! (358 comments)

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  •  Here's the problem with teaching girls about rape (18+ / 0-)

    Almost always these 'teachings' feed into or originate from serious cultural falsehoods that the teachings can actually CAUSE harm and promote rape.  

    I'm not saying that's what you're suggesting (you just say 'teaching girls about rape' - which could include what I'm thinking of or not) - so here's some examples.

    If we teach girls to not walk alone at night as a rape prevention it may suggest that stranger rape is the primary fear, when acquinatance rape is a far greater danger for most girls.

    If we teach girls that dressing slutty somehow puts them in danger it ignores the fact that the vast vast majority of rapists don't even remember what their victims were wearing.  So we're teaching nonsense.  Then when a girl is raped her failure to dress appropriately is evidence of her culpability (just as a pool owners failure to put a fence around it would be evidence of their partial culpability of a drowning - to use your example).

    The problem with teaching girls to avoid rape is that it can easily shift responsibility for rape and actually encourage, empower and protect rapists.  

    Obviously this doesn't mean we can't teach girls about the dangers of sexual assault.  But what it does mean is that many of the current efforts out there to do that are disengenious bullshit that only serve the cultural biases that protect rape culture.  

    unfortunately this makes it far trickier to provide safe teachings because people get all messed up on this issue.  (woudln't it be nice to be able to say "don't drink until you pass out" without that phrase also empowering someone to blame a passed out girl for the sexual assault perpetrated against her because it was partially her fault for breaking the rules)

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