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View Diary: Solving Rape? - A Very Short Statement For Those Who Just Don't Get It! (358 comments)

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  •  As I've said before on this topic: (3+ / 0-)

    Teaching women and girls to be prepared and cautious, to do various things or avoid various things in order to minimize their risk of rape, is not a bad thing in itself.

    However.  Every single piece of advice that could possibly be given in this context has been used, and is still being used, regularly, as a point of victim-blaming.  As a hook on which to hang a defense of the rapist.  As a means of proving that rape has not actually occurred, because if she really didn't want to have sex with him then she wouldn't have done that.

    And this context has to be taken into account when offering advice, because it's not a context we can remove ourselves from.

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