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View Diary: Russel Brand Ruins Morning Joe (not on purpose) (235 comments)

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  •  WOW R THEY DUMB (11+ / 0-)

    Brand took it very easy on them. Never talk off the cuff in a chatty style with an experienced stand up. He could have not only owned them as he did but he could have given them the treatment that he would give to a heckler. MSNBC would have been forced to cut away to commercial and end the segment but Brand was there to promote a show so he just scratched them a little. I suspect that Morning Joe will not have the courage to bring him back live again.

    When you have a stand up guest - prepare - stick to straight questions let the pro do the jokes - meet the goal to heavily promote the show - admit errors - be good natured about the straight man job and modest and self deprecating when you are the subject of the joke.

    These 'hosts' better hope they never have to live by their wits. They would not be happy with half a life.

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