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View Diary: Russel Brand Ruins Morning Joe (not on purpose) (235 comments)

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    I hate to see this crap about hecklers being part of the comedian's craft perpetuated. Patton Oswalt has a great rant on this, which I'll quote in part here:

    Hecklers don’t make a show memorable.  They prevent a show from being a fucking show.  Comedians do not love hecklers.  They love doing the original material they wrote and connecting with an entire audience, not verbally sparring with one cretin while the rest of the audience whoops and screams, disconnecting from the comedian and re-wiring itself as a hate-fueled crowd-beast.  And most comedians, including me, can barely remember a heckler.  We go into automatic pilot shutting them down – not because we’re so brilliant and quick, it’s because we’ve dealt with hecklers so many fucking times that we can do it in our sleep. And why do we have to deal with hecklers so many times?  Because of all the stupid, misinformed rationalizations I’ve listed above.
    Rest of his rant is well worth a read, too. He tackles joke thieves and rape jokes:

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