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View Diary: It's time to stop mocking Native Americans.. (NFL & Lone Ranger Rant) (192 comments)

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    tmservo433, gffish

    I do it all the time. You know I'm conflicted on this issue. I think for sure the Redskins, as well as the Cleveland Indians need to update their mascots. The goofy "Injun Joe" is disgraceful. They can come up with something which depicts American Indians with dignity.

    As for the Redskins, the name itself is problematic. They had a logo decades ago which was simply a feather next to an R. But I don't find the current logo to be especially offensive. It's the name which appears to be what most folks are upset with.

    The most helpful thing would be if Snyder showed even an ounce of sensitivity to the issue, instead of just giving the middle finger to anyone who raises concerns.

    You can do whatever you want to us, but we're not going to sit here and listen to you badmouth the United States of America.

    by Eric Stratton on Mon Jun 17, 2013 at 07:14:58 PM PDT

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