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  •  Except that the quote does not mean what you think (0+ / 0-)

    First of all, Mussolini probably never said that, and if he did, it doesn't mean what you think it means.

    There is no word for a business "corporation" in Italy or any of the Romance language countries. The equivalent of a business corporations is called a "società anonima" or in Spanish speaking countries "sociedad anonima."

    When Italian fascists talked about "corporate" bodies, they were not talking about business corporations; they were talking about the fascist ideal that members of various functional groups, like lawyers, farmers, workers, etc., form "bodies" or corporate groups, under the control of the state. These bodies would be bound together like a bundle of sticks or sheaths of wheat ("fasces").

    If Mussolini had said what you think he meant, he would have said, "a merger of state and the power of societas anonimas."

    So you're simply wrong about your understanding of fascism. Moreover, Mussolini and Italian fascism were racist, and did focus on the "Italian people" although Italy didn't have as large minorities as Germany, which was in central Europe.

    The US is nothing remotely like a fascist or proto fascist state, and no one outside maybe Aryan Nations and the KKK are arguing for anything like fascism.

    Since when have the Koch brothers or interests like them argued FOR unionization under government control?

    Which party is suggesting that lawyers form a single corporate body and place themselves at the service of the central federal government?

    Which fascists in the US want the government to take over the major TV networks?

    Most people have virtually no clue whatsoever what fascism means. It's just a word they throw around, like "poopy head."

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