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View Diary: [UPDATE - MORE PHOTOS] 200,000 Rise Up in Brazil - "The People Have Awakened" (333 comments)

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  •  I'm actually glad to see the extraordinary effort (0+ / 0-)

    your're making at distortion.  I love, love, taking on people like you because it is kind of fun to demonstrate the lack of integrity and the vacuousness.

    Here's why you will fail in your attempt (as others have): I'm only motivated by a desire to address injustices and corruption.  I have no hidden agenda, nor dogmatic beliefs.

    I'm only interested in the unadulterated truth... And that's call intellectual honesty.

    Ten years ago I was writing about how powerful business interests will come to dominate our entire government, and how they would use 9/11 as an excuse to encircled the citizenry with a fascistic infrastructure that included a total-information-awareness surveillance police state.

    I was writing about how the population would be controlled via the effects of propaganda because of corporate media conglomeration.

    The exercise I engaged in the other day at Union Square was meant to show that in order to rise up and take to the streets you don't need to be destitute and have lost everything... That regular middle class people can schedule a little time to engage in this type of activism...

    Obviously, it seems you're very interested if what I'm doing, since you went out of your way to troll this diary.

    Again, I welcome your type of trolling, because I enjoy the process of revealing what people like you are all about.

    So, keep trolling... It will be fun.  I welcome it.

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