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  •  My Memory Fades (4.00)
    But, did you do a lot of work with the Mandel Legal Aid Clinic?  
    •  Not using my real name .... (4.00)
      ...for posts about political matters (but rather a pseudonym I invented back in high school).

      No, I didn't volunteer in the Legal Aid Clinic -- because I was already working more than half time to pay for going to law school.


      •  Wimp! (4.00)
        The Alumni Office has my e-mail.  Good to see there was more than one liberal in the class, although I know several more.
        •  Admitted (4.00)

          But, that being said, there are a number of reasons (that I deem sufficiently good) why I must maintain anonymity (especially between 7:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. or therabouts).

          I am probably more liberal now than I was in 1979 -- maybe having three older teen-agers has something to do with this.

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