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  •  Bill -- First, congratulations on your escape . . (4.00)
    When our daughers were in high school in Mt. Vernon a Gay friend went with us to see a play they were in. He caused a quite when he saw Paul Lynde's portrait hanging at the entrance to the auditorium and and flamed to all and sundry, "Oh, my god, it's Paul Lynde, someone else who's gay!"

    The next day we took him to have his picture taken by Lynde's grave.

    All that was almost a decade ago. I wonder if there have been complaints about Lynde's portrait on display in MVHS by now . . .

    I don't consider myself outside of anything. I just consider myself not around . . . Bob Dylan

    by ponderer on Tue Jun 14, 2005 at 08:32:03 AM PDT

    •  I recently donated... (4.00)
      Paul's rehearsal script for 'Bye Bye Birdie' to the Mount Vernon Historical Society in memory of my dad who died in December of '03.  It was the role that got Lynde noticed.  The script has his handwritten changes throughout.

      In my note to the Historical Society, I mentioned that Paul and I both had being gay in common, and that I hoped the atmosphere in Mount Vernon was a little more accepting than when I lived there (1964-1982).  The curator called me back and said he passed the letter around the room during a board meeting and my comments were enthusiastically received.  So maybe there's hope for the quintessential "Smalltown USA."

      •  Mt Vernon (4.00)
        I've not yet had any problems with being gay in Mt. Vernon :) . Of course, that might be because being a straight woman in nearby Gambier is really difficult...

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