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  •  C&J from DE again (4.00)
    Cheers: to technology that keeps me in touch with my boyfriend stationed on the USS Cape St. George.

    Cheers: to friends that can make me laugh from the moment we say hi, Miss you Fab Four!

    Cheers: to being able to express opinions different from others and not being castrated for it.

    Cheers: To being allowed to leave at 3 and work from home, b/c your AC is broken in the office and it doesn't matter who you work for they won't fix it... ok that's also part of the next one:

    Jeers: for not having people to fix an AC that's been broken since mother nature has decided to bring the oppressive heat from the South to DE.

    Hey, is there room in Maine for one more! :-p

    Jeers: for it taking this long for an apology to lynching... and yet, I'm very pleased that someone had the common sense to apologize.

    •  I remembered my last JEER (4.00)
      Jeers: to saying good bye to Lamar and Big Bird, I guess it didn't matter that Cookie Monster stopped eating cookies...

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