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  •  Tuesday C&J! (4.00)
    From Ohio, our purplest state:

    Jeers yet again to the Jr. Senator from Ohio, George Voinovich.  He was going so well, fighting John Bolton tooth and nail, when he decides, "Y'know, maybe we shouldn't be apologizing for our ancestors' actions."  That's the only reason I'd think that he wouldn't vote for the anti-lynching apology resolution to pass.  It's a noble sentiment and all, not letting your ancestors' actions influence what you do today...but they're just two little words.  If you said 'em more often, maybe the governorship you left behind wouldn't be in such dire straits...

    And speaking of Bob "can't hold a candle to great-grandpappy William" Taft, yet more Jeers to him for not getting on the ball sooner with Compgate.  Really, giving a $50 million fund to a campaign contributor...I mean, even journalists at the Canton Repository (login required) could lose that kinda money, and they wouldn't be sharing the lost money with the Pubs...

    Cheers to Butler Shaffer at Lew Rockwell's site, who discusses how easily our "dark side" can lead us to conclusions that our sane side would reject out of hand.  Hey, why else would George Bush still be president even after the Iraq debacle?

    Cheers to court success, hotness, rink success, court success, and getting fired.  In reverse chronological order, Steffi Graf is 36 today (Wimbledon starts Monday, BTW), Yasmine Bleeth is 37, Eric Heiden is 47, Pat Summitt is 53, and Donald Trump is 59.

    Cheers to well-remembered records.  June 14, 1942 was the first date in Anne Frank's diary.  The world-renowned diary of the Frank family's hiding from the Nazis is still on the kiddies' must-read list...


    Cheers International Webloggers' Day!!!

    By the numbers:
    Days until the Magic: The Gathering U.S. Regional Championships:  11
    Number of different cards that will be in the Standard cardpool for the Regional Championships: 1,561
    Number of otherwise legal Standard cards that are banned:  9

    And now, here it is, your drawing of this (by D.C. Simpson):
    Hooray for compromise!  Except, when it, like, isn't...

    Compgate, Coingate, BWC theft...whatever you call it, the Ohio GOP is in deep doo-doo!

    by IlGreven on Tue Jun 14, 2005 at 09:58:21 AM PDT

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