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    Cheers to my parents... who have let Fox News go over the post-Michael Jackson verdict backpeddaling spin by Bill O'Reilly. My 78 year old Dad, it seems, finally noticed that the Bloviator was full of it. And to my 68 year old mother... who shocked a room full of her friends by saying that 'Nancy Grace... she's is kind of mean and bitchy when she doesn't win, isn't she?' the other day.

    Jeers to Bill O'Reilly just because, but special jeers to Nancy Grace, Abrams, Scarborough and the rest of the law degree bearing talking heads on cable news who work so-very hard to make the presentation of the judicial system a joke on par with 'The Running Man'. People flip out when people aren't found guilty because they spend six  months hearing, pretty much, 'guilty'.

    Cheers to Air America, for chugging along and climbing the hill off the radar of most wingnuts and echochamber pundits who bash it.

    Jeers to Ed Schultz for joining the Fox News 'some people say' school of Dean bashers. I gave you a shot Ed, but your show has become unlistenable over the last week. I wanted to send you a plastic shark and a little Fonzie doll.

    Cheers to saavy locals in the desert. My neighbor, who usually falls for things like the 'Minute Men' project... went jumped in his RV and went off to Arizona and to New Mexico and met with some folks who have been trying to get this Minute Man thing going. Problem: The man who founded the group is at rhetorical war with a bunch of other folks who have taken the organization's name and have their own groups. This is not going to end well, my coot conservative neighbor tells me.  

    Jeers to Hannity and Lou Dobbs for pandering and 'making' the Minute Man people over a 28 mile stretch of desert in Arizona. Like a lot of things that get simplistically championed by some in the media, this one could go wrong a thousand ways, and it only has to go wrong once to really hurt the country. My neighbor came home and swore off 'Minute Manning' because he feels these people might be fighting each other as often as they are 'patrolling' the border in a year or two. He may be a bit wingnutty, but he sees wingnut foodfights coming, and he sees one coming there.

    Somebody get Hannity his enlistment papers... its time!

    by LeftHandedMan on Tue Jun 14, 2005 at 12:30:34 PM PDT

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