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View Diary: Question for Gun Owners: Do you Have a Portable Defibrillator in Your House? (206 comments)

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    I have a few friends who own guns, and I'm sure some have concealed carry permits. But they never have their guns where people can see them, not even at home. We seldom even talk about guns, but when we do, they are ALL in favor of increased regulation to reduce the menace.

    All of them share our concerns for their own children, and don't want to be a position to have to question if someone in the neighborhood has their firearms locked up before deciding whether to let their kids go play there, or sleep over. Don't want to have to wonder whether their teachers or the janitors are bringing guns to school under  the mistake belief that their 2A rights trump local law and school policy.

    We are among those who think that the way to protect, and even strengthen 2A RKBA, we must begin to grapple with and reduce negligence. And we must separate alcohol and lawful firearm use.

    Alcohol is a factor in the majority of crimes, and I'll be it's a factor in the majority of shootings of people. E.g. sloppy gun owner drinks and leaves gun out on the coffee table when they go to take a nap. Sloppy gun owner is in the backyard drinking with family and friends, hosting a barbecue, completely forgetting they left their loaded handgun in the nightstand. Kids running around outside. No one notices when 3 boys slip away to go inside to use the bathroom, and sneak upstairs into Mom and Dad's room.

    The number of completed shootings do not reflect the level of negligence when a gun owner is exposing his whole household to the risk, day in day out, year after year.

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    by LilithGardener on Tue Jun 18, 2013 at 07:12:47 PM PDT

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