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  •  The meanings of words change at times, respecting (2+ / 0-)
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    the weight and incidence of social opportunities and consequences. When this occurs - you might say it occurs now in a large-scale way - society searches for new interpretive anchors in mutual understanding. Media in political communities operate similarly in this: that they address three questions the public demands answers for in the face of normative dislocation:

    1. What situation in the past is like what we are facing now?

    2. What sacrifices must be made to appease the situation?

    3. What must we as a people do together in the face of the political problem at hand?

    Much of organized public utterance forays to address these concerns, through the careful or merely clever choice of metaphorical vehicles, always and everywhere colored to some extent by the Faulknerian limits of objectivity, to represent the interests of the ownership and the membership. And of course as the relative sunk costs in media rise, ownership concentrates. Not long ago we had just 3 networks. Though print publishers were much less pyramided then than now.

    All the rest is a lot of ballyhoo in the present media landscape - with the exception of some things I like, and I like my ballyhoo neat. Animating it all are appeals to charismatic individuals and exciting events of yore (and these days tore can mean yesterday) when our people met the challenge of real experience. It's the word you heard.

    Courage is contagious. - Daniel Ellsberg

    by semiot on Tue Jun 18, 2013 at 12:15:29 PM PDT

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