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  •  i have lived here for the past 25 years (3+ / 0-)
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    the unjustified pride by most new yorkers (in what exactly) is pretty mystifying....i live on the 26th floor of a new building overlooking the hudson with a beautiful i have it good and pay thru the nose for it

    but the new york most people live in is a cramped depressing hell hole.  other than transplants like myself,  most new yorkers only live here because their families live here.  ive never seen more propoganda directed at "greatest city in the world" "greatest city in the world" as if repeating it will make it so.  

    new york is to the rest of the united states as the united states is to the rest of the world--arrogant and insecure.  I've never heard a Californian bash NYC but the LA bashing by New Yorkers is non-stop.  

    most new yorkers don't even take advantage much of the best things here anyway--the arts,

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