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View Diary: McConnell promises to end filibuster if made majority leader (205 comments)

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    So, a little math:

    In the last 8 election cycles, the turnout by percentage of eligible voters who voted:  

    57.5% 2008 Obama v McCain
    57.5% 2012 Obama v Romney

    55.2% 2004  GW Bush v Kerry
    55.2% 1992  Clinton v GHWBush

    53.1% 1984  Reagan v Mondale

    51.3% 2000 GW Bush v Gore
    50.1% 1998 GHW Bush v Dukakis

    49%    1996  Clinton v Dole

    Reagan's "landslide" 1984 garnered 54M popular votes
    Obama's "crush" 2012 garnered 66M popular votes

    You do the math.  It's fractions and percents and some basic algebra.  Then apply to your theory on how insignificant Obama's victory over Mittens Romney was.


    "Out of Many, One Nation." This is the great promise of the United States of America -9.75 -6.87

    by Uncle Moji on Tue Jun 18, 2013 at 02:46:15 PM PDT

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