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View Diary: McConnell promises to end filibuster if made majority leader (205 comments)

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    I've already named two:  Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden.  If Clinton does not run, it opens up the field to a number of others.  Martin O'Malley of Maryland is in his second term with a record of solid achievement.  Kathleen Sebelius combined a record as former governor of a Red state (Kansas) and overseeing the implementation of Obamacare, which by 2016 will be seen as a signal achievement of the Obama administration.  I'd also say that either of the two Udalls could be credible contenders, coming from solid Democratic bases in the West who could expect to carry the solid blue northeast and upper midwest states.  I actually am having trouble imagining any Democratic leader who could win the nomination who would not have a strong electoral college lead against any Republican who could be nominated.  I'd invite you to provide any matchup that you think would be a loser for Democrats.  But that doesn't appear to be your style, does it?

    Done feeding the troll.  But this is such weak trolling it's hard to resist -- no real effort being made to develop any coherent theory of the 2016 map.  I'm pleased that you've stopped claiming that there is any chance of Democratic senate losses in 2016, however -- that was REALLY bizzare.  

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      i'm not a troll.  doesn't take much effort to figure that out.  

      i'm saying my opinion.  my opinion is that Obama inspired a lot of new voters.  none of whom have a goddamn reason to be loyal to Democrats and keep voting for them.  

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