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    We will end up best buddies with "The Al-Qaida". Why? because we are so afraid of the Shia Iran getting nuclear weapons or acquiring some influence in the middle eastern and asian affairs that we'd rather jump in bed with the AQ by arming them in Syria and Libya. Now that we have decided to give up Afghanistan to the sunni taliban and their sunni pakistani allies doing business with AQ is going to become a lot easier. Qatar is the center of Sunni plot, including Saudi, UAE, and Bahraini monarchies, to ensure that Iranians/Shias don't gain any influence in the Middle East. Appeasing the women hating, homophobic, murderous sheiks just to keep the middle eastern and african oil fields away from Chinese and Russians, we are being played like a fiddle in this game of ancient hatred between the Sunnis and Shias. What everybody forgets is that in that bastion of tribal and religious hatreds the most inclusive governments have always been led by a minority. Saddam's sunni minority government included women, christians, shias, sunnis, and even jews. Assad's Alawite minority government is one of the most inclusive governments in the region at this point, including women and christians. You help fundamentalists overthrow these and guess what you are going to be dealing with for decades to come?

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