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View Diary: Gov. Bobby Jindal explains what 'the left wants' (157 comments)

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  •  the funniest part is that if Jindal went to Europe (9+ / 0-)

    and saw a REAL political left (instead of the fake one we have here), he'd shit his pants in terror.

    •  The Euro Left looks like the Democratic Party now (0+ / 0-)


      The majority center-left parties all over Europe are by and large dysfunctional bands of neo-liberal technocrats, hated by their own constituencies for sipping Champagne and mouthing bromides that do nothing to improve the miserable matters most people face...

      The difference is they only became that way after accomplishing significantly more social justice than in the USA (labor rights, health care, etc.).  

      That's a lot, but center-left parties in Europe today have moved strikingly close to the American Democratic Party, pushed by the same power politics and economic forces...

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